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Bio-X  Society™ was founded in 2010 to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge through collaborative efforts  by scientists around the world, in the life sciences interdisciplinary arena.  Our mission is realized through numerous workshops and our annual conference, oftentimes held in a region drenched in history and world heritage.

Each year, the Society holds its Annual Meeting, which brings together many research scientists in the multidisciplinary fields representing the life sciences. With poster presentations, exhibits, commercialization forums, and many symposia, the Annual Meeting is one of the most unique of its kind in the world today. Despite its size, the meeting retains its small-meeting flavor with highly focused platform sessions, social activities, and committee programs. Uniquely, the conference is held at locations that facilitates once in a lifetime opportunities to visit world heritage sites, wonders of the world and foreign academic institutions. Abstract submission to the Annual Meeting is a privilege only of membership, although a member may sponsor a non-member. The Society also sponsors from time to time, smaller thematic meetings.

Membership to the Society is open to scientists who share the stated purpose of the Society and who have educational, research, or practical experience in the bio and life sciences, or in an allied scientific field. Categories of membership include student, early career, regular, and emeritus.

The Bio-X Society is a non-profit society governed by 3 co-founding chairman and an international steering committee. Questions can be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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Bio-X Society, Po Box 1205, Abingdon, Maryland, 21009, USA




Bio-X uses PayPal for you to register your society membership or register for our workshops / conferences. You do not need to create a PayPal Account to purchase items from our website, we simply use PayPal as an agent to securely broker credit card transactions.